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Cool Software Clarinet SwissArmyClarinet

Swiss Army Clarinet

(nicknamed "Whack Jack")

This is a strange one. Unlike many other metal clarinets it is chromed, and it consists of three parts plus the mouthpiece - Lower joint with bell, upper joint, barrel (if you want to call it like this) and the mouthpiece. From I gather this is a Noblet(Leblanc) stencil instrument - maybe it was customised and finished at the Rauber site in Montreux.

The leather quiver

It comes in a leather quiver with a fancy shoulder strap.

The assembled clarinet

The clarinet, assembled

The bell

The bell is chiseled with the name of the manufacturer and the manufacturing date, as done on every army item. Rauber, Montreux was once affiliated with Selmer (best known for their saxophones). Notice the stamped cross at the bottom. Again typical for Army gear.

The lower joint

The lower joint. The bell can't be separated from it.

Upper joint with mouthpiece

The upper joint, the barrel and the mouthpiece. Sharper in real life. ;-)

The back of the quiver

The back side of the quiver has a belt loop. I can't imagine it's comfortable to wear that thing on the belt, but if it makes the soldiers happy? :)

Lyre in cover

When you open the quiver, there's a lyre tucked into the cover.

The lyre

The lyre. The clamps will hold the score sheet extremely firmly even in a thunderstorm.

All parts

Again the individual parts with the barrel attached to the upper joint.

(click on the pictures to get a bigger version)

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