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vfd - the Virtual Floppy Drive

  • You have that shiny new laptop. It comes with everything, but not with a diskette drive. You download some driver which comes as a floppy image only. How do you unpack it?
  • You want to create a bootable CD that contains LAN drivers and other stuff so you can create a hard disk image of your notebook.
  • You use some banking software that insists that some security data be stored on a floppy disk.

In all these cases you had to get hold of an USB floppy. You had. Because now, you can download vfd from It emulates one or two diskette drives with various capacities, does so either as file-based image or as a RamDrive (fast!) - in short words it is as if you had a physical diskette in your system.

Please take notice that these guys worked hard for a free product. Consider making a small donation when you find their software useful.

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