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Delphi Freeware

Here are some of my Delphi programs - free for everyone!


Copy Files from your SendTo Context Menu everywhere.

SendToAny is a list of favourite "Send To" locations.
Select some files you want to copy somewhere and click Send To/SendToAny from the context menu.
To add a location, either hit the Insert key or press the "..." button. To delete an item, simply hit the delete key. To edit a location, double-click or hit [Enter] on it.
Installation: Put the file somewhere and add a link to it to your SendTo folder.


Add Frames to your Digital Photos!

Proceed to the FrameFun page.


A command line mailer.

PGMail is a simple command line mailer for Windows NT/2000/XP (not tested under '9x).
Ideal for automated system status notifications via e-mail. Supports multiple attachments, multiple recipients, cc and bcc lists. An Alias feature maps selected user names to e-mail addresses. All you need to know is your ISP's or company's SMTP server name.
There's a short Manual here.


A substitute for FreeDOS' XCOPY application that sometimes fails when copying large directory trees over the network.

CopyTree is a DOS (yes, you read that right, DOS) application that mimicks the behaviour of xcopy sourcepath\*.* targetpath\ /s /e, written in Turbo Pascal 6.01. It traverses the source directory tree and then uses to create target directories and copy files. I wrote it when I encountered a problem with FreeDOS' XCOPY command that sometimes failed to copy some files and directories from a large tree over the network. Needed for a Windows XP installation floppy. An added benefit is that you can save ~12KB on your diskette by substituting XCOPY with COPYTREE.

Some less spectacular programs and units can be found in the DelphiUnitsPage.

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