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I don't know what happened in late August 2005 when I spontaneously decided to buy (okay, ebay) a clarinet. Anyhow, I'd say that was one of my more clever ideas.

I am currently starting (slowly) my own business as a woodwind repair technician - my "commercial" Web site can be found here.

Then there is my Swiss Army Clarinet, an Alto clarinet and recently I bought a Bass clarinet. My pride, however, is my Marigaux RS Symphonie clarinet.

This page will improve over time. Including pictures.

Music and/or Clarinet Links


Looking for accessories or repair supplies?

Repair Hints

Here's a Repair Manual in PDF format

Pad Sizes for a generic Bb clarinet (17/6 Boehm) are 1x9mm, 10x10mm, 2x12mm, 1x15.5mm and 3x17mm. If using unshouldered pads (cork), subtract 1mm from each of above sizes.

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