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Cool Software Delphi FrameFun


FrameFun is a simple application to add frames to Bitmap, JPEG or PNG images. You may select an outer frame, a border around the image and a drop shadow for a 3D effect.
You can modify the color and width of each Frame, Border and Shadow. You may additionally modify the direction of the drop shadow.
A Batch Conversion option allows you to "frame" several pictures in one go. If the pictures have different sizes, you can select a relative Frame/Border/Shadow width.

Download FrameFun


    • Fixed crash-on-exit after clipboard use
    • Shadow greyness/opacity instead of (misleading) colour dialog for shadow.
    • Fixed puzzling error message with (invalid) watermarks
    • Preserve EXIF/IPTC info (yay!)
    • Textured frames and backgrounds
    • Watermarks
    • Completely rewritten graphics engine (you won't notice much of it, though)
    • Added (readonly) support for .psd, .psp, and .tiff files. You can only save in .jpg, .bmp and .png, though
    • Batch file support now allows to override the target format (to batch-convert a bunch of .psd files into framed jaypegs)
    • Fixed a nasty bug that caused batch-processed bitmaps to be garbled
    • Added languages: Greek, Portuguese and Dutch.
    • Streamlined some rough edges
    • Fixed a bug in "set as original". Even-numbered releases are cursed, obviously...
    • Source image can now be shrinked (no, it cannot be enlarged)
    • streamlined code
    • Full-Size viewing mode in source and target panes
    • Source image can be panned while in 'colour picker' mode
    • Saved settings appear directly on the menu (not just a list box)
    • minor bug fixes
    • optimized .ini file handling (it's now in the AppData folder)
    • right-aligned entry fields
    • minor bug fixes
    • User-Selectable Language (instead of just "auto")
    • SendTo/Command Line support
    • Multilingual (English, French, German) user interface
    • better JPEG algorithm
    • better Manual
    • InnoSetup Installation (single .zip)
    • Added Elliptical Vignette
    • Fine-Tuned Border and Shadow Metrics
    • Full Size Preview (Double-Click on Target Image)
    • Copy to/Paste from Clipboard
    • .png support
    • Vignette ColorBlend
    • Horizontal/Vertical Window Split
    • minor fixes (as usual)
    • Vignette (Blended Picture/Frame)
    • minor fixes (Border Width cannot be greater then Frame Width)
    • XP Theme Support
    • minor fixes
    • Target File Size Estimate
    • Saves Window Position and Size
    • Panning of target Picture while in 'original size' mode


A white frame, a thin black border and a dark grey shadow at 225°

A blue frame, a white border and a black shadow at 135°

A light brown frame, chosen via the eyedrop color picker, a white border and a medium dark shadow. When put on a background with the same colour then you'll get a seamless display.
However, to cope with less-than-24bit colour depths, your best bet would be to take "web safe" colours. (r, g and b values are each $00, $33, $66, $99, $CC or $FF - 6x6x6 = 216 web-safe colours)

A thin light yellow frame, dark brown border with wide vignette. This has the effect of an old, probably poorly processed photo bleached by the years.

Some more examples

Textured Frame, No Border, Oval Shadow

Textured Frame, Textured Border, Shadow

Thin Frame inside Picture, Shadow

Multiple Framings combined in one Action Macro

Watermark: Text at 35° Angle, semitransparent

Watermark: Image at 0° Angle, semitransparent

General hints

  • The border cannot be wider than the frame, obviously
  • Double-click on the target image for a quick full-sized preview
  • Use the context menus (right click...) in the image panes...
  • Source and target directory cannot be the same when doing batch conversions
  • You can save and retrieve different sets of settings. The last effective setting is automatically saved and reloaded when you next run the program.


Download FrameFun (v., 1199 KB)(English/German/French/Portuguese/Dutch/Greek)
Download FrameFun (v., 1109 KB) GREEK VERSION (many thanks to Wasilis Mandratzis for the translation!)

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Feedback and support

Use the FrameFun support page or send an e-mail to .
(In order to pass the spamfilter, use a subject like "[FrameFun] Can't load huge picture" etc)

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