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exim is (IMHO) one of the best, most stable and easiest-to-configure mail servers for unix. I have installed it on various sites as front-end for MS Exchange or Lotus Notes.

In order to ease up the queue administration I developed a dialog-based utility years ago; now I ported it to php:

All you need to use it is:

  • A web server, obviously. I use mini_httpd but of course every other web server capable of running php will suffice.
  • php, preferrably a recent version (4.2 and up, tested with 4.3.6 and 5.0.0)
  • a browser capable of css and forms. (yes, Lynx runs fine: )
  • the eximadm tarball. Unpack it somewhere in your web server's document tree.
  • edit the eximadm.conf file and eventually eximadm.css, fire up your browser et voil´┐Ż.
  • Notice: The web server must run under an account in exim's group (often "mail" or "exim"), or it must be specified in the 'admin users' in exim's configuration file. Therefore it is stongly advised to password-protect the eximadm pages, else everone could cancel your mail!

This is version 0.95, feedback (to eximadm at hochstrasser dot org) is welcome.

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